Spacious when on holiday. Compact when commuting.

Our ingenious X-Cursion CUV – in a class of its own.

Space or agility? Comfort or suitability for everyday use? All of them, of course!

Combined in a revolutionary vehicle class: the X‐Cursion CUV. With compact dimensions and clever solutions, it proves true camping greatness. What was previously considered impossible in the Bulli class is now an ingenious reality: bathroom, toilet, garage and impressive headroom in a vehicle that is naturally practical for everyday use.

Unimaginable possibilities, no matter where you go

A perfect joy to drive

Exterior details

Perfect design

Automotive contours for optimal aerodynamics. When closed, the pop‐up roof blends seamlessly into the dynamic contours of the X‐Cursion CUV.

Large rear garage

The X‐Cursion CUV has plenty of storage space in its large rear garage. Yet its exterior dimensions are compact, thanks to our reinterpreted interior concept.

Excellent driving dynamics

The X‐Cursion CUV is based on the VW T6.1 panel van and performs just as well in urban areas as it does on motorways. Its exceptional driving dynamics and numerous assistance systems make it a reliable companion on every journey.

Car-like rear

The stylish WEINSBERG tail light unit at the rear of the X‐Cursion CUV is a dynamic highlight. The innovative FoldXPand design maximises the living area without changing the compact exterior dimensions.

The CUV pop-up roof: reach for the sky, whenever you want

Enjoy the full camping experience

Pop-up roof details

Travel by day, camp overnight while on holiday

The CUV retractable roof concept creates impressive headroom at the campsite and full aerodynamics on the road. With the pop‐up roof extended at the campsite, you can even enjoy 217cm of headroom.

3 innovative components

The innovative lifting roof consists of 3 parts: Bellows, mechanism, roof shell. Perfectly coordinated, with easy handling and high comfort.

Insulated and waterproof bellows

The gaiter is woven in one piece and sewn with only one seam at the rear. The HYONIC-fabric consists of a multi‐layer structure with a waterproof membrane and insulating layer. Thanks to the hydrophobic finish, it is insensitive to moisture and mould.

Simple and safe mechanics

Electric linear motors raise the roof evenly and thanks to the modern electric mechanics, conventional gas pressure systems can be dispensed with. The advantages: Easy operation, high stability and optimal reliability.

Robust roof shell

The upper panel of the retractable roof consists of a robust, one‐piece glass fibre composite with an insulating EPS core. The structure is particularly stable and lightweight.

Breathable pop-up roof material

The extremely innovative HYONIC-material used for our pop‐up roof is breathable and insulated – yet completely waterproof, with a water column of 3000 mWS.

Uncompromising sense of well-being

Commuting king on the outside, holiday companion on the inside

Interior details

Feel-good interior concept

A spacious interior despite its compact dimensions. The well‐designed interior concept leaves nothing to be desired, offering everything that you would otherwise only find in a motorhome.

Spacious seating options

The dinette in the 500 MQ provides enough space for you to relax and unwind. Simply rotate the swivel cab seats to allow four people to be seated.

Plenty of space in the face-to-face seating group

The designed dinette in the 500 LT layout can even accommodate up to eight people.

Variable storage solutions

The innovative storage boxes can be individually positioned, providing storage space exactly where you need it.

Well-designed kitchen concept

Room for the essentials is the motto of our compact kitchen, where the refrigerator is integrated into the kitchen block. The fully extending drawers mean that your cooking utensils are readily available.

The X-Cursion CUV and EDITION [PEPPER] upholstery fabrics

Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
Exclusive for the EDITION [PEPPER]

Use of space on another level

The innovative flexible bathroom in the X-Cursion CUV – a big solution for a small space

Flexible bathroom details

Making optimum use of a small space

Our flexible bathroom is simply ingenious: when the shower is pushed into the upper position, it becomes a fully‐functional shower cubicle with a folding wall and full standing height. Whether in sleep or shower mode, the toilet can be accessed and used at all times.

Multifunctional solutions

Be it the multifunctional flexible bathroom in the 500 MQ or compact bathroom in the 500 LT: the individually adjustable washbasin makes optimum use of the available space in the X‐Cursion CUV. Both bathroom variants provide everything you need to freshen up on the road.

Reach for the sky for increased comfort

Relax in a dreamy setting

Sleeping area details

Sleeping in the rear bed

A great night’s sleep. The practical transverse rear bed (500 MQ) with plenty of room to stretch out is the perfect place to unwind. The well‐designed lighting concept adds X‐tra comfort to the sleeping area of the X‐Cursion CUV.

Sleeping at the front

Simply fold down the innovative lifting bed at the front to create a second berth for up to two more people. This is not only X‐tremely practical, but also X‐tremely comfortable.

Highlights of the X-Cursion CUV:

  • Suitable for use around town and flexible – perfect for camping
  • Dynamic, innovative chassis on a VW T6.1 panel van
  • Well‐equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet, and up to four berths
  • Numerous assistance systems for optimum safety
  • Innovative FoldXPand design for optimum use of space
  • Unique pop‐up roof concept with 217cm of headroom and waterproof, breathable HYONIC-material
  • Versatile interior for holidays and commuting
  • Cool WEINSBERG design accents in the interior
  • Compact dimensions for improved manoeuvrability and increased cruising speed
  • Face‐to‐face seating area in the 500 LT
  • Multi‐functional flexible bathroom in the 500 MQ
  • Optional Easy‐Move bed for two people
  • Also available as a special EDITION [PEPPER] model

Adds commuting convenience to your holiday and holiday flair to your commute. The X‐Cursion CUV is your perfect companion.

Unparalleled manoeuvrability and driving dynamics; uniquely spacious with all the equipment you need for the campsite.

Your perfect commuting and leisure companion.

  • Suitable for use around town and flexible – perfect for camping in comfort
  • Family friend and commuting king
  • A real space‐saving wizard: plenty of room with compact dimensions, ingenious storage solutions and sophisticated interior comfort

Relaxed commuting and comfortable holidays – only the X-Cursion CUV can deliver this.

Discover all the possibilities in two layouts

X-Cursion CUV 500 MQ
  • Transverse bed at the rear
  • Innovative flexible bathroom
  • 2 – 4 berths


Total length: 589 cm
Total exterior width: 216 cm
Belt‐secured seats: up to 4
Interior height: 147 cm
Interior height with the roof open: 217 cm
Exterior height: 228 cm

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General additional information

X-Cursion CUV 500 LT
  • Face‐to‐face seating area
  • Well‐designed comfort bathroom
  • 2 – 4 berths


Total length: 589 cm
Total exterior width: 216 cm
Belt‐secured seats: up to 4
Interior height: 147 cm
Interior height with the roof open: 217 cm
Exterior height: 228 cm

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General additional information

Discover the spicy benefits of the X-Cursion CUV as the special EDITION [PEPPER] model

EDITION [PEPPER] equipment highlights
  • Even more comfort and safety thanks to the automatic transmission and extensive assistance systems
  • Zesty exterior paint in Pure Grey
  • Standard 17‟ Devonport alloy wheels
  • Exclusive [PEPPER] exterior design highlights
  • Numerous equipment highlights with the hottest value for money
  • And much more